30th January : the empire strikes again

The Andra came back with its machines this morning in the forest.

9AM : One excavator, two tractors with trailers, and three cars went through the northern entrance of the forest.

9:30 Physical confrontation with the security at the north barricade, they try to force through and violently hit the present opponents. We called the Andra’s press service and warned them that their security guards are using violence again. (11H54 : precisions : the opponents have been harmed by those who tried to destroy the barricade, the guards did not directly hit this time. the excavator kept clearing at less than a meter from the people).

9:45 Oppponents are tied to the north barricade and resist to the machines. Emmanuel Hance, the usual dirty-work executor for the Andra, tries to move them by the force. Police on the roads, risks of checks !

10:00 Machines are still stopped. Emmanuel Hance put somme gasoil on the barricade where the opponents are tied. A bailiff is present : the Andra feeds its case file for the 8th february by creating conflict, and once more mafia-like means !

10:20 Security guards turn aroud in their trucks, film and wait for the police support. Opponents are tied to the excavator, on the barricade and are installed on a brand-new platform built at the north barricade.

10:40 The Andra’s “Communication service” is on the spot, with the bailiff and journalists. Just one day before the “forest rehab” deadline, this com operation is depressing. The press service is not answering…

10:45 Tension goes down, after a discussion the opponents free the machines and the barricades while the Andra announce a retirement.

10:55 The Andra and all its machines, guards, com service & co are leaving the Bois Lejuc

11:15 Numerous police checks at the roundabout, several police groups. Threats of immobilisation of vehicles.

11:25 People who came to support on the police check in Bure are controlled and filmed by the police.

11:50 end of the police checks, one vehicle “temporarily” immobilised.