On the 18th of february, we’ll be in the woods, no matter what will happen !

In this season when nights are long and stars more sparkling than ever, the enemy is still lurking around us. Does he believe that the forest is now sleeping and vulnerable ? He walks heavily on the tough concrete of the court, escorted by his soldiers; and without any remorse, he rapes the sleeping trees’ sweet dreams of harmony. He raves, he dreams of apocalypse, grinded trunks, and huge pits drilling the guts of the earth and spewing wastes that he knows will never stay stick to the shadows.
But still… the Owls keep watching him !

Does ANDRA think we are numb ? We did not fly to the southern warm countries, but to the top of vigorous trees to get a better watch !

It does not matter if we are or not evicted : on the 18th February, we will show that we’re not some dying ember that is extinguished at the first breath, but a huge burning and determined fire ! Come and gather in Bure for a large demonstration to Lejuc forest, with mittens and hoods for cold, and music and colored fireworks for joy. We’ll be the strength of reoccupation and occupation, newcomer or familiar, let’s be there to impose our tempo on the nucleocrats !

  • During the day, we’ll organize climbing workshops and collective constructions for huts and barricades (you might even build a fort and make a zip-line…!). Bring your equipment* and all your ideas ! You’re also very welcome to bring your musician’s and juggler’s instruments to rhythm the fight !
  • In the evening, street art, hot wine and live music will take place in the forest.
    If we can’t access it, we’ll let you know about another place to go.

    It is possible to sleep before and after the mobilization in our houses, in huts, and in tents that will be isolated from humidity and coldness. All we ask you is to bring warming clothes and duvets [MORE PRACTICAL INFORMATIONS AND DETAILED PROGRAMME WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE SOON]

    *Self-managed groups can tell their construction project by writing to sauvonslaforet@riseup.net

    Resistance and estovers !
    ANDRA: get out of here !

    The Owls of Bure

    For more informations :  www.en.vmc.campsauvonslaforet@riseup.net – +33 (0)329 45 41 77
    Press contacts: +33 (0)753 54 07 31 – automedia.bure@riseup.net

    Download links for tracts and posters: http://vmc.camp/2017/01/21/quils-expulsent-on-sera-bois/