Keep your waste, we keep the forest !

In Bure, everything is accelerating. The occupants of the Bois Lejuc are summoned at the court on the 25th January. The eviction threat is imminent. The Andra is planning to clear up extra-seven hectares of forest to start with the drillings. It is up to us to stop it !

A decisive battle will go on until mid-march, when the nesting time will begin and prevent, according to the environmental laws, any forest clearing. Our determination is essential, that was proved with this summer mobilisation, but the ending of the battle is uncertain.

We invite all our friends to join us now to reinforce the forest occupation, climb up in the trees, participate in the on-going works and build barricades. To get prepared for the eviction, self-training days are planned on Sundays the 22th, 29th January and 5th February.

We also call a week of actions from 14th to 18th February. On the 14th in Bure, we go first by declaring our love to the Andra (in French, literally declaring our flame) ! Let’s do things everywhere for the rest of the week : let’s be impassionated, ardent !

On the 18th February, whether they evict us or not, we welcome you to walk on the woods. On this day we must display our strength so that there will never be a nuclear dump

Keep your waste, we keep the forest !


In case of eviction, the alert will be given in english on this website, and in french on, twitter les Ziradiés, FB Bure à Cuire… We can provide accomodation, take warm clothes, blankets, and don’t forget mountain’s socks 😉