Agricultural Barricades Against Nuclear Dump and ”Reclaim The Fields” Meeting, from 11th to 13th of November

Agricultural Barricades Against Nuclear Dump and ”Reclaim The Fields” Meeting, from 11th to 13th of November

Since the end of the summer in Bure, the forest of Mandres-en-Barrois is freed from ANDRA. The sections of the wall are lying on the ground, the cops have withdrawn and cabins are rebuilt in the trees. The undertakers of nuclear power have suffered a memorable defeat.

But the ANDRA empire does not stop at the edge of the forest. In ten years, the agency has monopolized more than 3000 hectars of land, including 1000 hectares of farming land, harassing many farmers, increasing the price of land and complicating farm facilities.

In these fields, the work began more than a year ago. Because of the first drillings and excavations, more than 300 hectares have been removed from agricultural use, deprived of their food value. After having been covered in trenches, they are now left uncultivated, before giving way to a huge area of waste conditioning on the surface.



From inhabitated trees to occupied fields!

To strengthen the blocking of the works, we call to continue the occupation of farmland. Last November we planted one hectare of cereals right underneath the windows of the lab. In April, we had planted 500 m2 of potatoes in place of a future railway. With the 300 kilos that we have collected, we will continue to mash ANDRA, tear down walls and build cabins: our squatted crops are the breeding ground of a widespread resistance.

Since the beginning of autumn, we have extended this patch of potatoes to take over 3 hectares of ANDRA’s land. Ancient wheat varieties have been settled in, rye and wheat bread have been sown, and soon a bakery will be built, to laugh (loaf) in the face of nucleocrats!

On Sunday 13th of November we invite everyone to take care of this field and to build barricades and hedges all around. As from 10:30, we’ll see you at the old train station of Lumeville to work all together: mulching, massive planting of fruit tree barricades and of hedges, ditching, making Andra-scarecrows, winter sowing, making mounds of soil. Let’s feed the resistance, block their works and affirm desirable futures instead of their nuclear desert! Please bring some drinks and snacks, but also shovels, pitchforks, pickaxes, as many shrubs and other plants as possible…and most of all, bring yourself!

As from Friday 11th afternoon, The House of Resistance in Bure will host the francophone meetings of the network of farmers and anticapitalist collectives “Reclaim the Fields” to take time for reflection and to root rebellions in the “Great East”, in France and elsewhere. Everybody is invited to take part!

From the liberated forest of Mandes-en-Barrois to the rebellious fields: we shall never be atomized! ANDRA, get lost! Seeds, b(l)ockades, and wild sowing!


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See you SOON!