What happens next… the dates in October/November !!

Tuesday 18th October – Call for support for friends’ trial, tribunal of Bar-le-Duc

Two painter friends are accused by the ANDRA, let’s go and support them! Meeting at 9 am at the tribunal of Bar-le-Duc with something to eat, and (french??) Bure fries at lunch!

Monday 24th to Sunday 30th October – Construction and climbing workshops

lejucAfter the destruction of the wall, the police did not come back into the forest. On the 20th of October, at the request of the ANDRA, the  appeal hearing on the decision by the court to declare the forest clearing illegal and ask for the rehabilitation will be held. Between the 24th to the 31th of October, whatever the decision is, we invite you to join us for the construction of structures in the trees of the Lejuc forest and climbing workshops! ’cause the forest is ours!!

Contact: sauvonslaforet@riseup.net

Saturday 29th October – Assembly of the movement against the nuclear dump

At 2pm at the house of resistance, let’s all meet to keep imagining prospects for the struggle against the nuclear dustbin (and its shitty world!!). After the summer occupation of the forest and the blockades of the works,  let us find some new ways to stop this steamroller!

Contact: sauvonslaforet@riseup.net

Week-end of the 11th to 14th November – Francophone meeting of the Reclaim the Fields network in Bure !

carrotWe are really happy to host the francophone meeting of the friends from the peasants-without-lands and Reclaim the Fields networks, to discuss peasant agriculture and anti-capitalist autonomy prospects, in France and elsewhere, and still occupy in many ways the lands around, against the dispossession organized by the ANDRA!!

Contact: terresdebure@riseup.net

Sunday 13th November – Collective gardening on occupied lands

03arecuperacic3b3n-tierra-cobalc3b3-cauca-jorge-silvaFrom 1pm at the ancient station of Luméville

Almost one year after the first action of agricultural land reoccupation (on the 15th November 2015), let’s do it again on the squatted lands of the Luméville station! On Sunday the 13th November, come for a joyful afternoon of cultivation to feed our rebellion!

More info on en.vmc.camp very soon! / Contact: terresdebure@riseup.net

Info: en.vmc.camp / Contact: sauvonslaforet@riseup.net / +33 (0)7 58 65 58 89