Recap of the summer

Here is a small recap of what you missed this summer !


The Andra fixed its choice for the ventilation pits area on the “bois lejuc”, a small forest owned by the commune of Mandres-en-barrois, where inhabitands used to go for a walk, hunt, fetch their firewood for the cold winters or just mushrooms for the supper. They said no when the agency offered money and job offers, prefering to preserve their memories, habits, secrets and the growing trees.


The Andra comes back, and at 6AM, the municipal council vote the exchange of the wood, 7 votes in favour and 4 against. The inhabitants, in conjunction with associations, lodged an appeal to the administrative tribunal.


May The Andra starts to work in the forest : broadening access routes, clearing a platform…

June 6– the access to the bois Lejuc is closed. The following week, demonstrations are organised to block the works. Police, private security, helicopter are all mobilised. The clearing works continue.

19- A picnic in the forest turns into a sabotage, 200 people, locals, associations, activists… all came colorfully (black is a color), birdy-masked, and took off the fences, set up barricades before the gaze of the security. It’s the beginning of the forest occupation !

A complaint on the illegality of the clearing is lodged.

During the following weeks, life is organised around walks, constructions, songs, bonfires…

But threats arrives, the Andra files a complaint, a bailiff comes to visit, an expulsion order is published.

July 7– The forest and its inhabitants are violently expulsed.

Works are starting over.

16- More than 350 people come to re-occupy the forest, joyfully successfully. The battle was hard, the Andra militia was particularly violent. Friends were arrested, others injured. The forest will be occupied again for a few days.

A wall is being build.

August 1- Tha Andra is sentenced by the court to stop all the works and asked to restore the forest within 6 months- if nothing comes to authorise the forest clearing.

10- Farewell drink for Mr Baillet, removed at the head of the Andra !

14-15-16- The wall is falling ! 500 people helped the Andra in its restoring task, demolishing the wall around the forest

Now the summer is gone, autums brings trials, wood houses on the top of the trees in the forest, cleaning, demos, the return of the security and a lot more !