Update of the 21 june: Music and resistance in an occupied forest

  • 9h20 : this morning, we take it easy, after a break. No cops at the horizon nor in the sky, a bit humid, dry socks would be welcome.
  • 9h30 : announcement for tonight at 19h: music festival in the woods, bring your instruments and your songs. Meeting next Sunday 26 June for a big day in the forest, program will be announced soon.
  • 10h20 : New declaration from Andra, they take us really for fools, they state : « Its preliminary work that will allow us to file the application for authorization of construction. We are obliged to calculate the surface for the foundations of the buildings ». Constructions to file an application for authorization of constructions, lol? When we say we don’t want any constructions, it means we don’t want any constructions, not even preliminary works.
  • 13h00 : Occupation still ongoing, need support (come on site, bring materials, or some financial support)
  • 13h40 : A video was sent to us from during the protest day on the 19th with the call-out
  • 15h00 : big tension at the barricade blocking the entry of the forest. A car with 5 security arrived and had enough time to take down one of the small barricades before being chased off by some of the determined occupants. They retreated with the car and went back to hide behind the cops at the crossroad a few hundred meters away. A few minutes later the cops got reinforcement of another cop vehicle. It seems that the strategy of tension by Andra and the prefect has started. Its principal goal : to suffocate the movement over the next few days to initiate an eviction with a massive police force. They were trying to frighten the people passing by, by communicating them there could be some “violence” supposedly possible altercations.
  • 15h30 :
    Strategy of tension, take 2. A the police checkpoint, a farmer, involved in the occupation, is taken by his collar by Emmanuel Hance, Mister « public relations » and land grabber for Andra, a real douche-bag, feared or hated by the majority of the locals, acting like a sherif with the local farmers and other land and forest owners. The scene takes about 15 minutes. « I understand your engagement with the event of 200 000 steps, but this is going to far, from the people involved in the protest last Sunday there are 50 of them who only came with their backpack, when they leave, you’ll be left alone… » the point of this : instill separation and dissociation in the struggle and occupation movement.
    Another scene to create dissociation : yesterday, 20 June, another local farmer involved in the protest of the 19th was taken by his collar, still by Hance. « Hey, i saw you last Sunday, you were wearing a mask together with your father ! ». Nothing more needed to raise the tension.
  • 16h00 : the building and installation of the occupation still ongoing at the site. Numerous events are prepared for the days coming, at first place the big feast of the liberation of the forest “bois de Mandres” next Sunday 26 June !!
  • 21h00 : Tonight, a discussion in support with the local farmers ! But today is also the feast of music, lots of solidarity arrived with food and drinks ! don’t hesitate to pass by !