Andra began illegal deforestation to implement the Cigéo project, opponents take over the forest


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Sunday, June 19, 2016, about 200 people, including villagers, visited the forest of Mandres-en-Barrois, a few km from Bure, in the Meuse, and converged on the platform of the new construction site by Andra.
After a great friendly picnic in a joyful atmosphere, double fences that surround the construction site were removed, barricades were built on the path to the site. A large wooden playground was erected on the platform installed by Andra cleared of the fences. Fifteen guards present were invited to leave by the protesters, and a gendarmerie commander stated “he would let the picnic happen, provided there is no damage to persons” .

A callout to resist, written collectively was read locally by various persons involved. Sixty people will spend the night and invite everyone to join them as soon as possible.

For the protesters, the goal is clear: “Cigéo begins the constructions brutally and illegally, the mobilization came out of the woods and will intensify in the coming weeks to block this mega nuclear waste project!”.

Indeed, the proposed nuclear waste burial center Cigéo, in the region of Bure (Meuse), is currently going through a new stage of implementation deemed illegal by local residents and associations.
Since 15 days, Cigéo installed a platform and undertakes a major land clearing, apparently without authorization, on the edge of the forest.
The double fences insinuates other preparatory work, like the previous ones, it anchors the project even more in the local landscape. These works do not fit in a construction preperation step, but much akin to a dangerous annexation of the territory.

This forest of 220 ha is strategically important because it is attached to the 300 km of underground tunnels for the storage of radioactive waste. The plans of ANDRA includes the construction of two access shafts to the galleries, vents for radioactive gases and the storing thousands of cubic meters of excavated earth.

The people and organizations denounce the total illegality of the construction work while an administrative appeal was filed by villagers in 2015 and that ANDRA has no building permission for Cigéo.
As for the legislative process defined by the law in 2006, they are fighting to get it sidesteped by the Bill Longuet law proposel which aims to hasten the definition of reversibility of storage and install a so-called “pilot phase” which is none other than the start of the nuclear waste landfill.

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