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ZAD in NDDL – If they come back we’ll resist even stronger



On the 17th of July, 17 pleas against the airport project in NDDL were rejected but the Administrative Court. The French Prime Minisiter, Manuel Valls, immediately stated that this court ruling “must lead to the resumption of the building work.”

We haven’t forgeten that the French government, after the protest on the 22nd February 2014 in Nantes, had promised to wait for the end of the legal proceedings before acting. We want to remind everyone that associations and groups have lodged an appeal on the verdict of the court and will carry on their legal fight. Depsite the threats, the occupation of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes won’t stop.

The crops, habitats and activities are getting denser, with thought on the long term with farmers, local people and many friends of struggle from here and there. We will fight to the end in order to continue to live in this area and against the capitalist management of the territory.

If they try to start up any kind of building work related to the project of airport and its servicing or to attack the ZAD, we are ready to resist together, with all our diversity, on the lands of Notre-Dame-des-Landes and far beyond. We already repelled the César operation in 2012 and we will do so again if necessary.

Today, we are even stronger thanks to local movements and ones from elsewhere, and the support of more than 200 local committees (see the proposals from local committees in case of eviction or the start-up of the building work on the ZAD:…

In one word: “Valls [go to] list yourself!” A group of occupying people at the beach but not too far from the “bocage”.

10 days to go and things are hotting up!

With 10 days go to before the camp a few of us are here already getting stuck into some collective DIY that started on Monday 20 July on the site in Luméville-en-Ornais at the same time that the other camp from the ecological magazine Amis de Silence are setting up their camp.

They’ve started to put up structures where we cleared some space and they’ll continue in the next few days and until the end of their camp on the 3 August. We’re waiting impatiently for new arrivals for some collective DIY because there’s still lots of things to do so that we’ll be ready to welcome the hundreds of people expected for the camp. Got some free time ? What are waiting for, get down here now !

J-10_vmccampIn the last few days we met the cyclists from « Altertour » who made a two day stopover in Bure at the Maison de la Résistance (the house of resistance!). About 40 of them joined us on the future site of the camp after they’d passed in front of the gates of ANDRA, watched closely by the cops . We shared some food, thoughts and music (with the cyclists of course) all in all a good time was had by all !

Earlier in the day some of us went around the local villages surrounding the camp to invite people to come and join us and to show support for the local struggle. Once again we were pleasantly surprised by the welcome we got even if a lot of people have given up on the thought that the project can be cancelled a lot of them support us in what we are doing. We’re already received quite a lot of material from them and promises of more to come in the days leading up to the camp. Around ten or fifteen people came to the snack that we organised from the villages of Mandres and Luméville-en-Ornois in the afternoon.

One thing we can be sure of is that ANDRA isn’t appreciated around here, quite the opposite : they’ve managed to divide neighbours, families, turn people against each other and create a climate of informing, treason and terrible guilt. For many people, us being here brings the unknown into a social landscape degraded by the political scheming. They observe us with a rather friendly but nevertheless careful curiosity.


So what are the cops upto ? Roads have been cleared and they drive around in cars and even fly over in helicopters, checking any number plates that haven’t been hidden, stopping isolated cars for various random reasons, taking lots of photos of us especially when there are some actions organised near ANDRA. We wouldn’t be surprised if lots more cops arrive before and during the camp…we’ve even seem some motorbikes, motorcross style and some 4 wheel drive cars for moving around in the fields.

We’re receving a lot of emails with questions and propositions for the camp, that’s really encouraging : the program of discussions, workshops and events is getting denser and more precise.

In terms of news, it seems that Ségolène Royal the « ecology minister » is against the buryng of waste ; after a special procedure was applied in parliment (the 49.3 with no chance to vote against it)  to get the project started. We’re disappointed that she didn’t think about asking people to come to our camp this summer…especially seen as people from the same ministry this May came out in favour or this project.

For BFMTV (private French TV news channel) we are annoying the local population.  We don’t think we are talking about the same population.  It’s always good to have an independant view to support the effort of struggles and restore the realities that French people are living which “do not bear any more scribblings/markings on their walls “. It seemed to us that only the walls of the ANDRA and their partners, haystacks and road signs had been relooked.

Watch out, one dishonest journalist can hide another one in the Meuse.  We all remember  the statements of the assistant director of ANDRA, Jean-Claude Baillet that ” the inhabitants do not have to be worried, tests will be made with artificial containers ” (and some artificial radiation?)

20/07 – 03/08 : sharing the site with les Ami-e-s de Silence

From 20th July till 3rd August the site which we are going to use for the camp this summer will also be inhabited by another more discreet and more family camp, it’s the annual, friends of the ecologist magazine Silence! (les Ami-e-s de Silence)

Initially planned to go on until August 5th, we mutually agreed to move the dates of our camps so that these overlap as little as possible. So we’ll have 3 days in common at the beginning of camp, those of the putting up for us / dismantling for them.

Before the camp, we’ve planned some collective DIY from 20 till 26 July, at the same time where they will be putting up their camp, so we’re going to divide the site into two parts, to continue our work, while respecting the intimacy of our neighbours.  See the purple dots for the perimeter of their camp.

We invite those who join us to settle down in the spaces which we have set up and to watch that we stay in good terms and respect the others.