Practical information

How to come

You can find all the information you need here. A carpooling system (Bure’car’Bure) is available on our website!

Where to sleep

Different kinds of accommodation are possible :

  • sleeping in the “Maison de la Resistance ” (and probably an other house)
  • a few places in huts built in the forest
  • tents in the forest, near the forest and near the concert spot
  • sleeping at inhabitant’s (a few kilometres away). Send an email to logistiquedodobure(at)riseup(point)net to book if you need a warm and calm place !
  • a few trucks (20-25) can park on a field near Luméville

Eating and drinking

Vegan food will be sold at free price from friday evening to sunday’s lunch.

A bar (no free price!) with beer and maybe hot wine will be available on saturday evening. Please do not drink and drive : it’s not only dangerous, but you’d be quite sure to pay a fine, because of the cops around that day!

Try to have your own water supply if possible

How to participate

You’ll find free price boxes on tables and near reception points. Give what you can or what you want to help us. Thanks!

Respecting the area

The concerts will take place on a field that do not belong to us : please respect this field, so that we keep good relationship with its generous owner.

Please don’t make too much noise when you cross villages, do not step on the other fields around, do not pollute the other fields around, do not pee on the other fields around etc. If you don’t respect these rules, you could create huge conflicts between us and the inhabitants around : that would be a complete disaster for the future of our struggle!

Thanks a lot for all that 🙂