How to help

Preparatory constructions

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of February, after declaring a burning love to the Andra, let’s prepare the concert spot and the sleeping places. Everybody is welcome to help the organisation, set up big tents, build dry toilets etc.

Call for gifts

Above all, we need :

  • matresses
  • jerricans for water
  • food (vegetables, jam…)
  • tools
  • pallets

If you have something for us, please send an email (sauvonslaforet[at]riseup[point]net) !

Helping on the 18th

You can help with reception, car park, shuttles, kitchen… You can be useful everywhere : just ask !

Call to artists

We’d like, for this day, a real “artistical uprising” against Cigeo and its world. You can propose something by sending an email (sauvonslaforet[at]riseup[point]net) : the forest and the wall are yours!