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Montier en Der or the world behind objectives !

All is about nature here, about natural environment, birds migration… about everything that brings anyone who’s wondering or fascinated by the surrounding world, to feel the inifinite desire to protect those wealth close to everyone.

Birds have fascinated soldiers in the second world war’s trenches … larks and titmices’ songs where sounding between two bombardments, inspiring french troops’  dreams. They inspired musicians like Messian, but what they where inspiring french soldiers was priceless : imagine theirselves home, free and far away from trench. Which freedom inspired Bois Lejuc woods occupants and other Bure owls* during June 2016 ? The elusive feeling of being in the world ! Pleasure to live in forest, fighting together, feel contact with humus and hearing to song trushes, chichaffs, titis, piping plover’s concert… Walden or life in the woods but also resistance against nucleocrats !In the region of Der, in humid Champagne and residual bocage’s heart, significantly dented by agronomic industry, lives a multitude of migratory birds coming mostly from north of Europe. Tens of thousands of gray cranes are meeting there each year, and their concerts and ballets are captivating our attention, and with them miscellaneous species like greylag gooses … crowds of anatidae, shorebirds, passerines, raptors, tall egrets, so rare some decades ago.

This region is not only attractive for avifauna but also for ornitologist traveller. Hunters are massively sampling the lake’s periphery. Their fridges are filled to the extreme. A big deal for an ruthless and invasive business: go and see hotel rooms’ prices ! Recently a Casino, and of course not a grocery was built there ! Gifaumont’s leisure port was extended and didn’t respect littoral laws. Quite naturally, Montier en Der’s animal photography exhibition joined this economical expansion more than twenty years ago. 

Still, let’s not bit the hand that feed us : conferences and talented exhibitions are organized. For instance, original testifies, from naturalist volunteers, protecting for a long time the golden eagle and the montague’s harrier. Thus, while we’re amazed, It became a taboo to ask questions regarding the simultaneous and scaring situation of the destruction of the world surrounding us by an absolute predator system, that, neither the first peoples nor the humanity, the wildlife, and the world’s flora can escape from.

And not the most emblematic one: the phenomenon is global and touch the most unknown living beings, such as the collembola living in the the litter on the ground and the herbaceous stratum, and reptiles amphibian, the batraciens, and the entomofauna. The main reasons are the destruction of the biotopein a large scale, for the needs of the agro-chemical-industry. Rivers, riverine habitats, humid zone, bocages and forest feeding the industrialist and capitals. 

The numerous photographers exhibiting in Montier, introduce us to the sight of a disitegrating world they can search in the planet far away. Indeed, in on the doorsteps of the town, we fly over the installation of nuclear wastes storages of Soulaines, Morvilliers, the Briennes compaction center. The ANDRA (the National Agency for Radioactive Wastes) bought everything in the area, thousands of hectare of agricultural land, and the greedy conscious of most local elected representatives. Leucemia are raising in number in 15km around the Soulaines garbage.

In St Dizier, the future is also shining with the lighting implantation of an industrial centre that aims to the maintenance of the french nuclear parc. But the townhall, partner of the Montier festival, cares about the future of the forest and the first peoples, like the  Papuans from New Guinea..; Indeed, It organize a conference meeting called : Brothers of tress, the call of the papuan leader. Something to dream about !

To a future without criminal deforestation for the first peoples, to a future without nuclear and nuclear grave in Bure. To these elected representatives, who admire distant territories and peoples in fight for their survive, we say “Bravo”, but we also say : stop providing to the ANDRA nuclecrats craziness the Meuse and Haute Marne’s forrests. This is the whole of the territory that depends on It, and the future of the local populations will never depends on a nuclear grave.

We are the birds of the coming storm.

Written on one of the walls in the Lejuc wood. 

 Today, and since June 2016, we’ve been living in this forest called the Lejuc Wood, and we take Its daily defense on. Thanks to a lot of local supports, national and regional, implanted in the plateau of the Barrois in Bur the House of the Resistance in Bure, and in other towns, we take the lead of the future of a territory with all inhabitants aware. By antinuclear struggles history, we know ANDRA has a kind of colonial power and embodies the, like a state in the State, the omnipotence of this one. We learnt how brutal It can be (seriously injured protestors on the August 15th 2017, and massive polices searches in September 2017), but the use of the strenght will not make us give up. We replied by creating new support comitees. Because our struggle is on the side of the future and life.

The goal of Bure : the Lejuc Wood !

Join us in the forest, for a day, a year, play a part in our wildlife, flora, chiropterans and all species of bird’s census round … and above all : refuse to collaborate with the ANDRA and Its associates : contact the House of the Resistance, and get informed on

* Bure’s owls is like the activists living and fighting in Bure and around like to name theirselves

The 20th of october : an eviction rehearsal ?

Because of mistakes made on vmc about the « police pressure » of the 20th we want to bring to the light a few important facts and the intensity of this moment. Last friday we have lived the most important attack on the forest since the eviction of the 7th of july 2016. This text is an alarm call for a lasting intensification of the resistance, especially in the forest and on the barricades.

It wasn’t simply a way to « put pressure » on us

The GM (gendarmes mobiles, a military corps for maintaing order) arrived at night, just before dawn, driving slowly with their lights out. Thanks to a light on vigie sud (south watch) we suddenly distinguished many cars around us. At this point they were fifty meters away, taking our roadblocks off the way. We quickly stopped counting the cars to sound the alarm and set fire to the first barricade on the road. Fifty GM with full armor and shields formed a line in front of it. While defending owls held the front against them, others went toward the east to prevent a surrounding maneuver. They spotted GM trying to penetrate the wood through the bushes and burned another barricade to stop them. After half an hour of fierce resistance the military retreated.

The number of GM and the surrounding tactics lead us to think they had at least the intention of arresting people. Whether it is or not a rehearsal for the eviction of the wood’s occupants, a new level has been reached in their strategy.

Andra’s project is stuck in a juridic entanglement and it faces a setback due to the environmental impact of the CIGEO project. Its allies in the Préfecture (the state’s departmental representant especially for maintaining order) have chosen to answer with threats and violence.

We need all your support to build and defend barricades, to live in the forest, do the automedia. We also need support from afar, financial and material, as well as decentralized actions against Andra and its allies.

Thank you for diffusing this text !

Contact : sauvonslaforet at

Infos :

After the police searches, our General Assembly calls for the creation of Bure support committees everywhere !

On September 23rd, about sixty people from all the components of the struggle met for the the general assembly of the movement against the nuclear dump and its world, and in reaction to the police searches which happened three days before. What was thoroughly violated by the police on that day wasn’t only two collective and three private life spaces shared by opponents. It was our lives, our intimacies, our relationships and our diversity. To see and hear cops demolish doors and break into our dormitories wearing riot gear, weapons in their hands, was quite a shock: it took all the solidarity among ourselves and from our outside supporters, from locals and activists, to overcome it.

This is why we were so moved by all the meetings that took place from that day on. Moved, also, by how people are willing to create support and action committees. This search has turned back against those who organized it, because the tremendous wave of support and donations that followed has united us and given us more courage to oppose the gigantic powers of nuclear industry.

Our struggle doesn’t only aim at saving some rural area from the first class burial which nuclear industry has to offer. It extends to everyone. The CIGEO project in Meuse is the State’s last hope to gain time when it is faced by the inexorable accumulation of radioactive waste. By blocking it, we are questioning the very existence of the entire industry, from uranium extraction in Niger and Gabon, to nuclear factories, to the final dump. And we are more generally questionning the State’s violence against all form of life.

Every person who feels concerned can join the struggle from where they live, by creating if they so wish a local committee, to build a solidarity network. So that the nuclear institution will be attacked wherever it exists, and that everywhere there can be support parties, infotours, actions against nucleocrates and their subcontractors (Vinci, Eiffage, EDF, Areva, Biotope…). Unleash your imagination!

We invite you on the week end of October 21st/22nd to come to Bure: On Saturday 21st to meet with all the local support committees and on Sunday 22nd to build a welcome house in the freed forest! To survive winter, all construction/water and weather proofing materials are welcome. Other meetings will follow.

If you want to spread the struggle or create a local committee, send a contact (and even a text if you want!) to the list, and register on the list.

You can als come visit us, for two days or a year, to reinforce the local struggle and forest occupation. And lets create common places and take our stolen lives back everywhere!

We shall never be atomized !


Bure General Struggle Assembly on September 23rd

URGENT – Police search in BZL, the Station and several private houses


Hey Everyone

Live from Bure, France where house raids have taken place this morning.  The cops seized pratically the whole office in the house of resistance in Bure, including the photocopier (luckily they didn’t take our cat though) and loads of other stuff.  Windows were smashed, doors forced, one person detained, habitants intmidated, police checks, houses quite far from Bure also raided and people were asked questions about their private life.

All this reminds of all the time we’ve spent fighting against this project at least they haven’t talked/used terrorists in their definition of the raid

Right now, we’re feeling fragile, vunerable, shocked.  Even though it’s a shock we’ve been waiting for this day for months.  Although we did’t really expect it even though we’ve been living with the police occupation around here for a while now.  To see them come into places where we live, our intimate spaces, searching bedrooms, caravans, vans, office, moving everything around with their dirty hands.

When we see the strategy of tension used to isolate and tire people out in Bure, decentralised support is now crucial and decisive more than ever

We call out to you, where ever you are, via ZAD groups, or any other initiative, to organise support gatherings from tonight or in the next few days, in front of the préfecture.  To show our resistance and to have solidarity with one another.  To continue to build up the movement, in Bure and everywhere to refuse to be atomised in every way.

Paris has started to organise things you just need to follow!

==> Contact sauvonslaforet at to let us know if you are calling for an action in your city and to send us pictures of it! We will need support more and more in days, weeks and months to come!  <==

update 3:30pm – 12 support gatherings/demos will be held all over France tonight at 6pm



There were many actions organized on the 20th (cf french website for a list), and more to come:

  • St Lo on Septembe 30th,  against the EPR… and to support Bure.
  • A New York ACDN support text here :


The cops stole a lot of things in the Huse of Resistance. We are in desperate need for:

  • IT material: screens, central units, notebooks, keyboards, etc… e : écrans, unités centrales, claviers, PC portables, etc.
  • copy/scanning/printing machine
  • more to follow

And here is a link to the founding campaign if you can donate money:

Un appel à soutien financier est lancé !

INFO THREAD of Wednesday, September 20th



Since 6:20am cops have been searching the House of Resistance (BZL) as well as the Station in Lumeville, a private appartment in Commercy,one in Mandres and one near Verdun. About 150 cops.

in the House of Resistance they said the judge gave them permission to search in relation with the investigation on the Hotel action in June.

They destroyed the (open) door to enter and broke all the windows and the windows of every truck and trailer parked there. They took everyone’s identity. They have at least one dog.

About 15 cops, a prosecutor and drug dogs at the Station. The judge gave them a warrant for drugs.

In Commercy, they came at 6am with 15 cops and took a computer, a hard drive and a cell phone.

In Mandres, they confiscated books about legal defense to justify the operation.

A lot of roadblocks and controls everywhere.


Several people are interrogated around and in the House. One arrest. The cops are taking a lot of things in the office and the tool shed.

Another house being searched in the north of Meuse, cell phones and computers confiscated, personal questions asked about the family of the person.

In BZL, our (in)famous Commander Bruno Dubois is present.

A good hundred cops in Bure at 6am…


A person was arrested, probably because they didn’t have papers.

The search seems to be almost over everywhere except in the House.The cops have taken almost everything in the office,computers, printer etc… It is a massive seizure.

No more news of people inside the House and nobody is allowed in.

One person arrested for rebellion.


The police search is almost over. A lot of people are in shock, some had to remain in their bedroom/trailer for up to 10hours while the cops were searching.

The arrested person has been released.


More informations, analysis and testimonies to come. One more provocation to bully the opposition to the nuclear dump, as usual. One more failed attempt to hide all the failures of this terrible project and to try and divide and isolate us.Let us hope it has the opposite effect and brings us more solidarity than ever to bring ANDRA down for good!
==> We are calling for support actions in days to come everywhere! Contact sauvonslaforet at to let us know if you are calling for an action in your city and to send us pictures of it! We will need support more and more in days, weeks and months to come!  <==

In Bure, the prefecture chose a strategy of agression that led to a number of injured people. Let’s keep supporting the struggle !

Common press release from the medic, legal and DIY media team following the demo on the 15 August 2017

In Bure on the 15 August 2017, around 800 people set off on a demo (numbers like this had never been seen before for a non-declared demo in Bure). The prefecture deliberately chose a strategy of aggression and asphyxiation that led to a number of injured people. The police deployed were twice the number deployed for the demo of the 18 February 2017, 15 riot cop vans and a water cannon were counted.

The route of the demo headed towards Saudron and not the “laboratory”, chosen to avoid the fortified red zone and all the blue team. The objective was to arrive in a big field between the village of Saudron the “Espace Technologique” (an Andra Building) to highlight a very important Neolithic site discovered by archaeologists and ignored by Andra

Blocking the exit of Bure

Meanwhile the prefecture deliberately attempted to provoke people in the middle of Bure, 100m after the start of the demo. Many riot cop vans were posted at the edge of the village. Instead of falling into this trap, protesters intelligently decided to avoid confrontation and to go on a 4km detour across fields to get to the field that they wanted to go to. Just before reaching this field on the edge of Saudronm riot cop vans and the water canon were deployed followed by the firing of tear gas which of course led to clashes in the middle of the village….

The police and barricades at the exit of Saudron

The police operation

The police operation apart from lots of tear gas and the water cannon being used, police also used lanceurs de balle de défense (small hard rubber balls fired from a police weapon), fired above the waist (which is not “legally” authorised) injuring people. They also used the diffrent grenades (stun grenades and flash bang grenades) thrown by hand but also using launchers that fired the grenades tens of metres behind the clashes that were taking place, causing serious injuries.

Fights in the field

From a small part of the clashes at the end of the demo the following police weapons were found (at least) 15 stun grenades, 12 small hard rubber balls fired from lanceurs de balle de défense, 4 flash bang grenades. This gives you an overall idea for the day list of injured people.

What the gendarmes used : we picked them up in Saudron and the fields around  on the day after :

Up to the left : tear gas

Down the to left : hornet’s Nest

Up to the right : stun grenade or flashbang

Down to the right : balls and bushings of flash balls

List of injured people

The medic teams counted more than 30 injured people, including a couple with serious injuries and 3 people were hosplitalised. If we take a look at one person hospitalised with a serious injury one person had their foot torn apart after the explosion of a flash bang grenade causing a triple open fracture on the bones of the foot. Surgeons that looked at the victim (after the first aid done by the medic teams) are now talking about the risk of amputating the toes because of the presence of plastic melted from the shoe into the tissue. A photo is available here but is very gruesome to look at:

While injured people were being evacuated, police targeted people that were helping the injured, causing panic and more injuries.

For the more seriously injured people, the state ambulance/fire crews were called but we could see their difficulties in dealing with these kind of injuries for which they didn’t seem trained to deal with. Should these crews be trained to treat “war” injuries ou should these so called “non lethal arms” that mutilate and kill people stopped being used? This record of events is very heavy and adds to the previous demo on the 18 February 2017 where 20 people were injured and 2 hospitalised.

Potential repression for the hospitalised people

Potential repression for the hospitalised people not only did the police injure, mutilate and maybe cause amputations, they even went to hassle the injured in the hospitals, sometimes before they had even been treated to interview them or even conviscate personal items

  • One person hospitalied in Neufchateau saw the police come into their bedroom to control their ID.
  •  In the hospital in Nancy, police interviewed the person with a severe foot injury, in the afternoon of the 16 August. One and a half hours of tiring interrogation done by the people responsible for a possible amputation. One out of two questions concerned the other people present at the demo. “I’ll accept the interrogation but I have nothing to say, you’ve ruined my life” the reply of the kind cop “we are here for you, not against you, here to help you”. 90 minutes later the police came back with orders to check the person’s clothes. “I’m tired, you’re pressuring me and it’s the second time that you’ve come into my bedroom!” Answer “I was kind, I didn’t have to be”

A strategy of repression that is more and more brutal

It’s far away from the times when Andra and the Prefecture decided not to make a fuss, to avoid showing that people were contesting the project. Since a few months the police strategy has started to be more and more aggressive: daily provocations and intimidation, stopping demos, serious injuries. Instead of protecting the laboratory and the other infrastructures which was the case in the past, the riot cops received orders to target protesters in the middle of villages, favouring division, injuring, mutilating…just how far will they go?

The objective of this kind of press release is not to fall into a counter propaganda of a victim, a sad summary or warrior overkill. It is to better record the attacks of police on protests and to offer an account on the continuing repression in Bure. We’ve taken note of this strategy and in the months and years to come, we’ll look at how to continue in lots of different ways.

Testimony from Robin, with a seriously injured foot

Robin wrote this testimony on the 16 August, from his hospital bedroom to share with everybody:

“I am Robin, the person that got a foot injury from one of the number of flash bang grenades that the riot cops fired onto protesters, near Bure on Tuesday 15 August 2017. I’m in the hospital of Nancy. My foot is in a terrible state, the grenade dug 3 cm into my foot with a diameter of 13 cm. Most of the bones are broken. Some have even disappeared, pulverised. The shoe exploded, the plastic melted into the wound, so much that an infection is likely which would mean the amputation of 5 toes. Added to that are 30 pieces of shrapnel in the other leg. The riot cops fired around 15 flash bang grenades, they were not in danger. Just before my foot was hit, I saw a grenade explode at head height. For me the objective of the police force at that time was clearly to injure or kill, with the goal of terrorising those who fight and those who are not fighting yet. On the medic team stretcher that I want to underline their courage and efficiency, I heard more grenades explosing. Despite the brutal change in my life that this injury has caused in my life as a father to 2 very young children, I call out more than ever to continue in this struggle, to get active or get back into it for some.”


Write to Robin and other injured people: to write and show your support to Robin and other people injured during the demo, don’t hestitate to write to:

Maison de résistance à Bure, 2 rue de l’Église, 55290 BURE, France.

Correspondence and support messages will be forwarded to them.

Press contact : +337 53 54 07 31

email : / for the anti-répression