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First press release from a few owls in Bure

This morning at 6:15am the eviction of the Lejuc wood (Bois Lejuc) started with 500 riot cops, reinforced/orchestrated by a communication campaign from the home secretary (ministre de l’interieur), the news channels diffusing shock images of military vehicles gathered next to the Lejuc wood, cabins being invaded, cops in balaclavas armed with chainsaws and cameras…

The operation, supposed to be because of a court decision last year about eviction of the wood from le tribunal de grande instance de Bar-le-Duc, came before all legal cases had finished (especially if Andra owns the wood or not) and before the end of the period of non eviction in winter even though many living/occupation structures had been built in and around the wood. There is even a place where local elected officials changed their headquarters to an address in the wood.  Andra can’t legally start any work in the wood, the French environmental authority concluded in October 2017 that Andra had to do an environmental survey of the area before proceeding with any exploration/preparation work.  There is a nesting period in the middle of March that prevents any work and Andra does not have the permit to do any forest clearing.

Like in 2012 in Notre-Dames-des-landes, the bulldozers are just behind the riot cops, to destroy as quickly as possible any living areas not even leaving time for people to collect personal belongings.  Already following the first eviction of the wood in July 2016 the machines of Andra cleared illegally a large number of trees before opposition forces reoccupied the forest in the middle of August 2016.

now the tress are still occupied by many owls.  20 riot cops are at the base of the trees.  Quite a few people were arrested during the operation or are encircled on paths leading to the wood, a lot of ID checks took place. At least one person has been arrested and taken in custody.

Resist everywhere

This eviction decided by Macron’s government come in a context of cracking down on social movements, workers, students, migrants etc It’s putting into place an American social and industrial model that makes people poorer, destroys the environment and is applied by force.  The president Macron is walking in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher: There Is No Alternative. The message is clear.

This spectacular police operation is before everything a political manoeuvre to ensure that resistance doesn’t spring up everywhere after the airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes was abandoned.
An operation trying to stop dead in its tracks any national movement, with the symbol of small house created by a group in Dijon that was set to be installed this week.  In the orchestrated words of the local prefet ” this construction project showed the determination of opponents to install for a long time”.  We say that this was a bad bet.  We’ve already been installed in the wood for a long time and everywhere around in villages where we live but also everywhere in France where every police operation gains support from people opposing the project of CIGEO. This morning the state chose to send a strong message that confirmed to us the need to continue resisting and organising all over France and beyond and that CIGEO is a crucial point for the nuclear industry that imposes itself by force but pretends that people can have a say along the way.

When we started occupying the Lejec wood in June 2016 we never thought that one a half years later we would still be here, that Andra had to pull-out of the forest, that dozens of Bure support groups would have been created all over France.  The politicians as usual are (on a TV news channel) trying to play the game of those evil nasty squatters vs the pacific citizens, this kind of speech has never worked in Bure and we work together here even if some ways of doing things are different.  All the media have been talking about is from the ZAD to Bure, to try to enter this message into the minds of people.  We’ve always said that there wasn’t a ZAD in Bure, that it’s the whole territory, everywhere because atomic horrors and the steamroller of ideas that goes with it doesn’t have borders when we’re talking about wiping about existence of people and where they live in the name of profit and control.

The police pornography and media spectacle with their images of destruction this so called “return to a lawful state” won’t let things go out of our minds and hearts, they won’t bury all that has happened in the last few years in Bure and all around us neither will they stop us in the years to come.
To evict the Lejuc wood this morning, was to hit and attack everywhere everyone that has come by in their thousands in the past years and still has a part of Bure inside them.

Every attack will reinforce our determination, we will never be atomised!


Tuesday 22th, since 6:15 am, 15 gendarmes’ vans have entered the Bois Lejuc, near to Bure, and are proceeding to its expelling. Many arrests are still ongoing.

Call for gathering at 6:00 pm (18h) in front of prefectures, and a call to converge in Bure for those who can!


Thanks to send informations at and to coordinate the organization of the resistance, and inform on the organization of gathering. More infos are coming soon !

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Information thread

9:45 am : Cops are in the garden of the Resistance house. They surrounded three persons in the garden but let them leave after 10 minutes.

9:30 am (Infotraflics) : No police roadblock, roads to Bure are open. Police request to search in the vehicles and to control the identity of passengers.

9:20 am : A drone above the Resistance’s house. Ongoing expelling in the Great Oak.

8:10 am : Cops are starting to destroy the Southern barricade. Two bulldozers in the forest.

8:00 am: Cops are starting to destroy the Southern watchtower.

7:35 am : Police request to search the vehicles and control ID of passengers in Cirfontaines.

The only roads that are blocked are those who lead directly to the forest (North : Ribeaucourt, South : Mandres)

An helicopter flights around the forest, unmarked police cars in Bure

7:05 am : Two trucks in the Chauffour, on the road between Bure and the forest. Cops between Ribeaucourt and the Northern barricade. No control from Mandres, but the road to the forest is blocked by two gendarmes’ vans.

6:35 am : They are arresting people.

6:15 am : 15 vans of gendarmes, they are entering the forest from the Southern, Southern-East and Northern watchtowers.

Press release from opponents to CIGEO: after the abandonment of NDDL airport, let’s defend the ZAD, reinforce the fight in Bure and everywhere else !

It’s official: the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project is abandoned. There are few words to describe the mixture of emotion that we feel, a deep sense of joy, dignity, fairness and strength. Today, for many people in France and beyond, is a historic day: one of those, still too rare, where a stubborn collective force makes the powerful bend.

It is not so often in a life that you can feel such joy, such strength. It had been since 2006 and the CPE that a large and determined popular movement had not won a victory. Today it is not only an airport project (among hundreds of others under construction in the world) that is abandoned, it is a possible sense of victory that is born again and inspires us in all the struggles that we are waging everywhere, in all the worlds that we are trying to build.

Neither the systematic rejection of opponents’ legal recourses, nor the parodies of democratic consultation, nor the use of military force as in 2012, have been able to bring this project to a successful conclusion. Nevertheless, we must beware of triumphalism. The abandonment of the airport is the end of a first phase of struggle, which lasted more than 50 years. Now it will be necessary to prevent, in the coming days and months, all attempts to evacuate the ZAD – even “partially”, even at a minimum. It will be necessary to break the bubble of warmonger communication and show it for what it really is: a staging of the State so as not to totally lose face. Above all, any attempt to dissociate legal and illegal occupants, farmers and squatters, good or bad anti-airports must be defeated. The future of the ZAD and all the dreams it has created are at stake.

What governments and technocrats, who only think with numbers, will never understand is that we are ready to fight for attachments that exceed us. We reaffirm our call for a united defence of the ZAD. We call for a moratorium on all evictions, and for the transfer of 1650 hectares of land to the entire movement for collective management, based on the 6 points of the anti-airport movement. We call to come massively on February 10th for the celebration of victory, which promises to be unforgettable, on the ZAD.

The airport is not built: capitalism stumbles for a time, but it continues its destructive advance elsewhere. Some media could now announce the “departure of the Zadists” in the first place towards Bure. This is to better legitimize a future police intervention within a few months on the Bois Lejus occupied since June 2016.

But in Bure, we have always said that we reject the ZAD label to better invent the singular richness of our struggle in the Meuse. The myth of the “radical zadist horde”, frequently agitated for its sensational scent, won’t work any more today than it did a year and a half ago, when the Bois Lejus began to be defended.

The abandonment of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport is no more a victory for the “Zadists” than for “farmers”, “associations” or “committees”: it is the victory of an entire multifaceted movement, going far beyond the local context, which has managed to turn its diversity into a force, despite all the frictions, and not to camp on positions of identity. Tomorrow, we hope that the same will happen in the fight against the Bure nuclear waste disposal project. We call to continue to build and strengthen committees everywhere and join all those that have been created for months.

No to evictions! Let the ZAD and its worlds live!

Press release signed by: The Chouettes Hiboux (during their weekly meeting), Bure Stop, CEDRA

Lot of notifications

Last september, the investigating judge of Bar le Duc has supervised different police searches executed the 20th of september as part of a letter rogatory further to the damaging of the ANDRA’s hotel restaurant during the action week of june 2017. Investigators of the crime squad of the police force of Nancy led an investigation extended to the events of summer 2016, 23th and 30th of January, 18th of February, May 2017, June 2017, 14th of July, 15th of August and maybe more. Since January 2017, the notification of « free » audition or « appearance notice » are sent randomly to anybody that was controlled (in a car control or at the police station) throughout the year, got his plate number noticed during these events, people supposedly identified (on pictures, by their lost personal goods, by cops…), activists of local associations struggling against Cigeo.

We have lot of reasons to think that these notifications are going to multiply during 2018. The goal is to feed a more serious procedure which aims to stifle the struggle using trials and police intimidation (which is already blatant on the field with constant pressure from Riot police) . The criminal conspiracy is a juridical framework that has been often criticized for being fuzzy, justified by crime of intention and fed by the numerous suppositions of security prejudice of the Interior Ministry. Under the pretext of notifications of free auditions of activists or as witnesses, their goal is to turn a shallow accusation into a serious case. This malicious method has already been used elsewhere as a mean to exhaust people, to create fears, to create division among the militants and finally dealing a serious judicial blow a few years after, by the production of thousands of pages of files, to a few obstinate activists that are in the end, considered responsible of everything. Against this low-intensity repression, it is important to show solidarity against the will of division of the movement caused by the threats and intimidation and to show our cohesion beyond our diversity of opinion and practice. We must communicate on the notifications, inform each other of events, define collectively our defense and resistance line, and also keep our fierce and joyful determination in resistance. By refusing to feed their security fantasy displayed in the declarations of notification, we will dismiss this delusion of a criminal conspiracy by our declaration during auditions, and instead show that our actions are mostly the expression of an a relentless feeling of injustice and revolt. Against the general corruption, institutionalized around a radioactive project that spreads at the pace of the growth of the omerta, the resignation and the scientific lies it creates, we won’t let them atomise us, we are numerous and we want to be alive, to create and to struggle here with a social and political vision that goes beyond the mere antinuclear struggle.
Some owls of the legal team of Bure
On sunday 14th at 5pm at la Maison de la Résistance discussion about the notifications and
about the new legal team. On sunday 21th of January at la Maison de la Résistance, legal
self-defense workshop, face to the convocation.
* If you were controlled or brought to the police station around Bure
* If you get notified, yo talk together about that to not leave anyone alone against it
* If you are notified or heard by the police, to discuss about the implications of all that
* If you are called in by the court, for a juridical assistance

RTE, heading straight into a Bure wall !

What were owl masks doing in a Midi Libre article on December 3rd? Unexpected migratory flight from the peaks of the Bois Lejus, or sudden attraction of the Aveyronnais for the cardboard plate and the paint bomb (secret manufacturing secret jealously guarded) ?

It is that in the wake of the joint call for an ardent winter, we were a few well decided to come and breathe the air of the south, on the occasion of the demonstration against RTE, called by the friends of the Amassada in the fight against the implantation of the “thousand wind turbine transformator”.

“So, where’s that public inquiry?” (Aveyronnais proverb)

It is because there is something that touches us there, and deeply. Beyond the sincerity of the exchanges and friendships between St-Victor and Bure, beyond the joyous evenings where Morlaix-sur-Saulx beers and Gaillac wines flow, beyond the wild farandoles (boulègue, boulègue!).) and mathcore concerts, we have to admit that the fight that has been taking off for three years since the Amassada is in many ways exemplary.

The magnificent flop of the public inquiry, with its commissioner who leaves all the affected places empty-handed without having been able to say a single word, and is even forced to move its permanence 100 km away… all this reminds us of the great hours of the public debate boycott in Bure in 2013, and even better: it gives hope to all the territories that, here or elsewhere, revolt against their neck-tied developers. On November 7th in Saint-Victor, an entire village barricaded itself with straw bundles and banderolles, and it was an entire village, from children to seniors, that told the investigating commissioner not to return. He didn’t come back. It was well worth our courtesy visit on December 2nd!

It has to be said, however, that the fight conducted there is not easy, not easy to defend, not politically correct: we call ourselves ecological and we fight windmills? Well, yes: it is high time to destroy the great imposture of renewable energy if we really want to change society. That’s what happening there. And no, the suddenly anti (industrial) wind turbine owls did not become pro-nuclear for all that.

All messed up against that wind (Meusian maxim*)

First of all, when we talk about industrial wind turbines, we should always take into account the impact of the whole chain, and think twice before talking about green energy. What about the 1500 tons of concrete and 600kg of rare earths? Energy and environmental costs related to the manufacture, transportation, maintenance and dismantling of these robot plants? An employee of a wind energy company working a few kilometres from Bure, a carpooler in his spare time, recently told a friend: “All our customers are banks, or investment funds: it’s a way for them to invest money, thanks to installation aid, but not something green”. However, he was not a militant, and didn’t have harsh enough words against the opponents: he was just tragically lucid about his job…

And then you have to count. Yield, load factor, available surface area, etc. Without going into details, we recommend reading the brochure Le vent nous porte sur le système (here in a notebook version) and the resources listed on the website of the Amassada, to better understand the imposture. But above all, beyond the apothecary calculations and the excessive technicisation of the problem, we have to ask ourselves the question of the world that is being prepared and see what managerial logic is at work from the storage of radioactive waste to the wind farms, via the forest biomass that was in the spotlight on December 9th on the plateau of Millevaches.

*Let’s give back to Caesar Asterix what belongs to him: the maxim has become meusian only after being dragged along our infokiosques. We owe this brochure to CNT Amiens.

“No nuclear, no wind turbine, RTE back off!” (visual creation on urban support)

Electricity consumption in France, after having increased by 180 % between 1973 and 2008, now fluctuates between 478 and 490 TWh, and it is difficult to see what could significantly reduce it. In any case, it is not our ecogestures that will do much about it, and there is only a graph of EDF, arbitrarily mixing “tertiary” and “habitat” in the same item of expenditure, to try to make us believe that it is based on our practices.

The relative rise in so-called “clean” energy sources has never coincided with any fall in nuclear power in France: between 2012 and 2013, these energies have risen from 16% to 19% without the production of power plants, in absolute terms, moving by one iota. In the world’s most nuclearized country (75% of the world’s electricity production, far ahead of 30% in South Korea and 20% in the USA), at the same time as we are covering the crest lines of wind turbines, we are also preparing the “great careening” of old reactors and the new generations of EPRs, at the same time as we are trying to perennize in Bure the whole of the industry.

This is because there has never been a question here of “transition”, but of “accumulation” of energy. There’s a good chance that when we’ll brag about miraculously reaching 50% nuclear, or even less, this will only be achieved by the addition of other sources, not by a significant reduction in fission. It is therefore pointless to beg the white turbines to take us out of nuclear power, because in France we will soon have both wind and atom, like the two identical sides of the same rigged coin. One supplements the other in peaks of consumption. Two tentacles of the same octopus that covers the territory: RTE. The friends of the Aveyron are well aware of that!

François Hollande had promised a million electric cars, and we see multiplying everywhere the refill terminals developed by the Bolloré group; the TGV continues its development at all costs and, somewhere in tall towers, some megalomaniac developers continue to dream of shopping hypercentres like the one in Gonesse, with or without a ski slope. As the world becomes more greedy, we need more networks, more integration, more plasticity to articulate the energy sources that are proliferating. So more and more THT lines that are zebraizing the territory, more cybernetic control centers, smart meters etc. All of this plunges us into an ever more greedy world. What is on the horizon is a world of total, energy and political dependence on the network, the cornerstone being the dumping of the worst waste ever produced, 500 metres underground, somewhere in the south-Meuse…

RTE, heading straight into a Bure wall !

So it was without the shadow of a hesitation that the owls trowelled along on December 2nd to help walling up the RTE site in Saint-Affrique. Let’s not say from now on that the summer breakup of surface concrete is our only skill: when it comes to helping friends, we build, too!

The masonry work was completed peacefully, without the surprisingly discreet blue squad trying the slightest approach. This was the climax of a warm and lively demonstration inaugurated by the ritual cremation of the first page of the public inquiry. At the end of the day, when the parade left the site, one could read on the walls of RTE, written in red:”we will bury RTE in Bure”.

While waiting for Andra to start here its electric transformer building site, we salute those who are fighting in Aveyron and everywhere against the masks of green capitalism! And to continue this beautiful winter, we’ll see you in Roybon on December 16th!

In Bure as in St-Victor, NOT RES NOS ARRESTA !


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Some owls back from holiday